Dreams – Satanic Aunt

Yes, I was actually sleeping!

Yes, I was actually sleeping!

When I was growing up my family would tease me about how I always had to tell them about these dreams that I’d had. They were often quite vivid with a lot of detail involved. Somebody once told me that I should have them analyzed, but I’m not sure that I would want that! After all, some of them are quite out there.

One of my friends is always asking me if I’ve had any interesting dreams lately. It’s kind of weird to have somebody who actually wants to hear about them! So I thought that I would share one of my oddest dreams with you. I had this one last fall.


Jay and I were traveling with my sister and two of our aunts (though they weren’t any of our actual aunts). I don’t know where we were going, but Jay and I ran into a gas station in a tiny town to use the bathroom. I was only partially done when I received a text from my sister telling me to hurry up because something was wrong.

We hurried over to the room we were renting, but it was actually an old store front with a full glass door. As Jay and I neared it we could see that it was all fogged up. Suddenly a hand hit it and left a bloody streak as it slid down. I opened up the door and found my sister with a cut hand and one of our aunts with a cut on her forehead.

Apparently I was a nurse so I started to help my sister. I noticed that the three of them were dressed in white dresses. The aunt who wasn’t cut was walking around, agitated and mumbling a lot of nonsensical stuff. Then she started saying how our parents had deserved to be killed because they refused to accept the dark lord. I suddenly realized that my aunt was satanic and she was confessing to killing my parents.

Before I could react she took out a gun, shot my sister and my other aunt, then threatened to kill me. I was trying to save my sister, but my aunt chased me away. So I went over to the sink and tried to wash the blood off of my hands, but they were stained. My aunt kept muttering nonsense about weird things and how I was going to enjoy worshipping Satan. I told her that I refused to do that and I would rather die. She promised to make that happen.

I went into the front room, sat on the floor with Jay (not sure what he was doing up to this point in time) and we prayed the Our Father over and over as we held each other. I figured that we were going to be killed, too.

My aunt screamed at us to shut up and then there was a gunshot. I stiffened, waiting to feel the pain, but I opened my eyes and realized that I wasn’t shot. Jay wasn’t either. My aunt had killed herself. Jay called 911 to report the murder-suicide and while he was on the phone I took a paper towel to get the gun away from my aunt. I was still afraid that she would suddenly sit up and use it on us.

Then I went over to my sister and realized that she was still alive. I yelled to Jay to have them send an ambulance. Then Jay told me that he had recorded the whole thing on my phone so that the cops would see exactly what had happened.


No, I have no idea what goes on in my head when I’m sleeping. Strange, isn’t it? I have dreams like this all of the time and try to remember to write them down. Perhaps I’ll share a few more in upcoming posts.

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