Hitting A Wall – Painting Bricks…

Train Layout - Bench 3 4-7-16Currently the all-consuming project in our house is the train layout.

Yes, it truly has become all-consuming. Jay is furiously building track and determining just how many miles he can possibly place on the plywood without making it look too ridiculous.


N Scale Structures - 5-3-16In the meantime, I’ve been reading every article and book that I can find on how to best model N-Scale scenery on train layouts. Not only am I concerning myself with scenery, but also finishing the itty-bitty buildings that need to go into the layout, too. N-Scale is a 1:160 ratio, so if I’ve done my calculation correctly a 6′ person will be just under 1/2″ in this scale.


N Scale Structures Kits 5-3-16That means TINY buildings with TINY details. A two-story building (figuring about 20′ tall) is about 1 1/2″ in this scale. Jay wants a small-town looking city space on the layout so he purchased a box of thirteen buildings to make up the main street.

The details are really great, but if you’re not an artist it’s kind of hard to get a realistic finish.

N Scale Structures - Brick Detailing Attempt 5-7-16We have been trying all different methods of getting the brick to look like actual brick with gray mortar. The books and YouTube videos make it look so easy!


N Scale Structures - Factory - 5-16-16This is the factory that I’ve been trying to do the dry-brushing technique on it for the brick. *sigh* I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but it just doesn’t look right to me.



N Scale Structures - Back of Hotel - 5-16-16Then I tried a different technique on the hotel, which you can see the back of it here. I painted everything the brick color. Once that was dry I dusted it with the dust from artists’ pastels to fill in the mortar.

I think that I just made a dirty-looking building.


N Scale Structures - Hotel - 5-16-16This is the front of the hotel. I hoped that maybe if I painted the rest of the details that it would make it look a little better.

I’m not done painting the itty-bitty details, though. I think that the brush I’m using is so tiny that it only has about three bristles on it and at times that feels like it’s too big!



N Scale Structures - Main Street - 5-16-16We are doing the best that we can and learning as we go. The good thing is that as we continue building (which will take a number of years to really build this correctly), we will continue to improve our skills. We can always change out buildings at a later date. Jay wanted to get the buildings assembled, though, so that he could get an idea of where the track will go for good.

N Scale Structures - Main Street Street View - 5-16-16In the meantime I’ll continue refining my painting skills. I never did very well in art class when I was in school. I tried drawing a tiger lily and it ended up looking like an orange banana peel. I have problems drawing stick figures! I even have difficulties painting walls in the house… more paint ends up on me than on the walls!

I think that this will be an exercise in perseverance….

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