Crochet and a Bit of Sewing

3rd Swatch 1-17-15I think that I’ve found a new obsession. When I have a few moments I find myself gravitating toward my crochet project instead of my sewing machine or my cross stitch. Yikes!

I think that the biggest thing that has been drawing me to this lately is that I don’t have to think about it. I just sit and make stitches while lounging on the couch with my feet kicked up. This swatch is just going to be something for the cats to lay on, but I like the fact that I don’t have to think about it, for the most part, in order to get anything accomplished.

3rd Swatch 1-24-16Today I attempted to switch over to the new skein, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I’m not going to tear it out, but I will definitely need to watch that part of my Craftsy class again.

So far I’ve done 15 rows of double crochet, five rows of treble crochet, and I’m beginning work on 10 rows of half-double crochet. As you can see I’ve managed to keep my edge nice and straight!

3rd Swatch Treble CrochetI’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if this is how it’s supposed to look. You can tell which way I was crocheting because as I crochet to the left my stitches slant towards the left as well. Is that normal?



Crocheting Finger Position 1-24-16Is it because of how I’m holding my hook? I’m not sure if you can see very clearly, but this is how I am holding everything. I hold the hook very much like a pencil, to the point of actually holding onto the fabric with the last two fingers of my right hand (which are curled under).

I would like you to notice, though, the glitter nails. Remember, sparkle always makes things better. Always.



New Lunch BoxI haven’t done much in the way of sewing lately. My goal for the start of the year was to attempt to make my own lunch bag. Then right after Christmas one of the vendors that the company I work for does business with decided to give us all new lunch bags. I was excited because this had the pockets on the inside for the ice packs. My other bag was falling apart so I needed to do something, but I’m not happy with the size of this bag. It’s too narrow and doesn’t allow me to fit some of my favorite plastic containers in here like I want. So I guess that I might have to design something for myself after all.

Chester's Bed 1-17-16I did make a cover for one of the purr pads that I bought for the cats. They wouldn’t lay on them so I took some scraps that I had left from the wing bags that I made and sewed it to a piece of fleece. I stuffed the purr pad in it and I’ve discovered that Chester has taken ownership of it. Which is good because Jay and I had discussed getting rid of the futon in my sewing room, but I didn’t know how Chester would react as that was where she napped. Hopefully this will solve that problem!

That’s about all of the crafting stuff that I’ve been up to lately. I really need to get back to making more dresses for Missions!

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