Wrapping Up National Sewing Month

Babe's Main Sewing RoomCan you believe that September is coming to a close today? I always say this, but where did the month go? Actually, I know where mine went… a good portion of it was spent blogging for National Sewing Month.

My hope is that at the very least you were entertained by my rambling nonsense. Perhaps I even managed to accidentally inspire you!

Let’s see, what did I get accomplished?

Singer 301A1- I bought a new sewing machine

2- I finished up a set of wing bags

3- I cleaned and oiled my machines

4- I practiced making ruffles on my serger

5- I did a LOT of researching for this blog


Hmmm… not a lot of things got done, did they? I think that it’s because I spent all of my sewing time on the computer blogging about sewing.

Chester on the pianoI do have an update on something that my mom did… she put the binding on the Footprints quilt that I had purchased a few weeks ago. I placed it on my baby grand piano and it wasn’t very long at all before both of the cats had to test it to make sure that it would work. It received their Paw of Approval.


So now that the month is over, what am I going to do? Hopefully I will get a chance to do some sewing! Here are the things that I need to get done before Christmas:

  • Drawing supply tote/carry-all for Raven
  • Lunch bag for me
  • Dresses for Missions
  • Dresses for Missions
  • Possibly an apron for me
  • Dresses for Missions

Were you inspired to start or plan a sewing project during National Sewing Month? Did you learn anything new? Have you been prodded into maybe checking out a sewing charity or a sewing expo?

It has been a fun month. I obviously won’t be posting every day, but I’ll definitely keep you updated on my various projects. Thanks for hanging out with me this month!

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