Memory Quilts – NSM 9-28-15

B is for BissellI know that I said I wasn’t going to post about quilting, but this particular type of quilting has been very prominent in what I’ve been reading about in the last few days. So I guess that I should post about it.

Memory quilts can be made out of almost anything. I think of my Double Wedding Ring quilt as a memory quilt due to the fact that a lot of the scraps my mom used were from other projects that she made. I can find pieces from some of my other quilts, the quilts that she made for my sisters, and even some of the clothes that she made me as I was growing up.

T-Shirt Quilts in ProgressCurrently my mom is working on T-shirt memory quilts for one of her coworkers. Her husband passed away so she asked my mom to make five lap quilts for her kids using their dad’s t-shirts, pajama pants, and other shirts that he had in his wardrobe. I will post pictures of the finished quilts when she is done.


Then the other day on the Craftsy blog they posted about Memory Quilts. I never even thought about using ties in the quilt. I guess that if your dad or husband wore a lot of ties, and a lot of interesting ones, that it would be a good representation of him.

They also showed that you can make quilts using baby clothes, photographs, and like my quilt, fabric from other projects that hold special memories for you.

Do you quilt and want to try to make your own memory quilt? I did a quick search and here were a few resources that I found:

Would you rather pay somebody else to make a quilt for you? I found some resources for that, too:

  • Memory Quilts by Molly can make various designs using various clothing, including baby hats or baby booties.
  • Original Memory Quilts not only does the memory quilts, but can also finish up a quilt that you might have started and not finished.
  • Custom Memory Quilts also seems to make quite a variety of memory quilts and she has lots of pictures of her work.

There are countless ways of preserving memories and quilting is just one of them. Can you think of anything better than spending a winter night snuggled under something so warm and comforting as a quilt that floods you with love and warm memories?


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