Misc Sewing Projects – NSM 9-12-15

Sewing Room Supervisor - ChesterAre you bored with just sewing quilts?

Are you tired of looking at Dresses for Missions?

Chester has requested that I mix this up a little bit.



Cat Wall in Sewing RoomWhat does this  have to do with sewing? You can make a panel for your wall. It’s fabric art on display!

The picture that is second from the left was a panel that my mom sewed and quilted for me. I believe that I hung it up with dental floss….


Wheel Pants InstalledDo you fly RC airplanes? Do you want to accessorize your aircraft?

How about a nice set of wheel pants?




Karen's Passport CoverWhat about a passport cover? Or just a book cover in general?

You can also make wallets, checkbook covers, and envelopes easily, too.





Patchwork PillowYou could sew up a small crazy quilt cover and make a pillow.

Crazy quilts not only include sewing, but you also get to explore embroidery stitches, too.




Rose PillowOr, try a different technique and make a pillow. The brown pillow that you can’t really see is all gathered in tufts with beads (it’s gorgeous in person). And the rose pillow was done with a corduroy technique of some sort. I’m not sure if that’s the real name for it, but that’s what it reminds me of.



Those are just a few ideas of what else you can sew besides quilts or clothing. If you really want some ideas check out Craftsy’s pattern or project areas.




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