A Drawing Pad Carrier – NSM 9-7-15

Droof and Chuk's MomMy sister married Chuk, who has a daughter from a previous relationship. Since she will be the closest thing that I will have to a human niece, I want to do something really nice for her for Christmas.

I asked my sister what I should get Raven for Christmas. Raven loves to draw, and is actually quite good at it. So it was suggested that maybe I get her a nice drawing pad or something.

Well, I wanted to do something else that wasn’t just a boring drawing pad. Raven splits her time between her mom’s place and my sister’s house. I thought that maybe I would make some kind of a carrier to keep her drawing pad and her pencils in it. I haven’t attempted the practice one yet, but here’s the idea that is rolling around in my head:

Created by Lidija Miklavcic

I’m thinking that I create a cover for it. This was created by Lidija Miklavcic and she has a placed this as a free pattern over on Craftsy.  Now, what I would do, though, is on the front I would create two flaps that will unfold to reveal spots for Raven’s pencils. I’m not sure if I would put a zipper around the entire foldable pocket, or just use some Velcro as a closure. I want to sew a ribbon to the top, though, that can be used as a bookmark so that she will always know right where her next empty page can be found.

What do you think? Think it will work?

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