Wing Bags – NSM 9-5-15

Wing Bag 10Today Jay and I are going to an Air Show, so for my daily sewing post I thought that I would remind you of the wing bags that I made for Jay’s Rascal 110.

Actually, on my blog this post is one of the more popular ones.



Wing Bag LayoutI made these in 2013 without a pattern or resource. As you can see, though, I did have a very good supervisor who was checking from all angles to make sure that it looked okay. lol

You can read the original post if you want directions on how to make the wing bags. These have held up very well. I had to fix one of the handles this year, but other than that they are still in great shape.

With the extra material that was left I even made a set of prop guards for Jay’s Rascal.


I am in the process of making a set of wing bags for one of our club members, but I need his plane here to make sure that the idea I have for them is going to work.

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