Practicing Photoshop

Droof and I comparing NailsMy sister brought the pictures from her wedding with her and on the thumb drive were two folders: Edited & Unedited.

This picture is from the ‘Edited’ file. I’m sure that if I compared them I could maybe see what was done. I really like this picture, though. It’s as if we are in our own little world without a care as to who is peeking in.

Looking at my sister’s pictures piqued my interest a bit in editing pictures. I’ve downloaded a few lessons on Craftsy about how to use Photoshop, and I’ve even watched a few of them. Jay has Photoshop on his computer and I’ve tried using it a few times, but I’m usually frustrated because I have no idea what I’m doing.

Now, I have not become a pro at this by any stretch of the imagination, but I have tried it out on two different pictures.

Uncle Red Oct 1945The first picture that I attempted to Photoshop was one of my dad’s uncle. This is his service picture from WWII and as you can see there are some creases, some discoloration, and other little flaws here and there.

So I took a stab at it and tried to clean it up a bit.




Edited Uncle Red Oct 1945Not the best job, I know. I had to cheat and crop the burn mark out of the bottom. I did manage to iron out the crease and I think that I did an okay job of evening out the colors. Again, nothing too drastic.





Jay Dressed UpThis is the second picture that I’ve attempted to clean up. This is my Sweetie after I finally made him get changed into his monkey suit for my sister’s wedding. He was posing for the photographer.

I love the “Look at all this!” attitude he is displaying, but due to the light from the window it’s not really the best picture.






Edited Jay Dressed Up copyObviously I have more room for improvement. I have to do some more homework to figure out the light/shadows versus contrast. At least you can see his face better in this one!

Besides the fact that I cropped it a little bit, can you tell what else is different?

I’ll give you a hint… chair, lamp, bathroom…

I didn’t have to do any touch-ups to Jay because he’s perfect just the way he is. šŸ™‚


What do you think? Am I doing okay? Or should I throw in the towel?

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