Concrete Cats

Bob and Chester StalkingIf you’ve read my blog on a semi-regular basis you might know that I kind of love cats. I only have two, but that is solely because of very strong willpower. I try not to cuddle kittens that are up for adoption so that I’m not tempted to put them in my pocket and take them home. However, there are times when I think that I have two too many cats. That is usually when I have to scoop the litter pan, clean up the latest pile of puke, or vacuum the cat fur tumbleweeds that reproduce like dust bunnies.

Concrete BobThus, when I saw this adorable cat I knew that I had to take him home. He was just too adorable! I still had a lot of paint left over from my dad’s calf so I thought that I would take a shot at painting another concrete statue.

This one reminded me of my Bobs, so I decided that I would paint him in a similar color scheme.




Cat BathWhat do you think? Obviously you can’t see him very well as I have him stashed behind the bush by the front porch. I’ve had him out there for a few weeks now, but I’m not sure if the birds have discovered that he’s a bird bath.





Edited Cat Bath and Bird FeederPerhaps they are worried that he’s looking at their feeder while pretending to be a bird bath. lol

And it’s not like the birds haven’t had a warning…




Beware SignJay made me this sign.

Gotta love the bite mark!





Concrete Cat 3Don’t worry, I didn’t leave Chester out. I found this adorable little kitten that I painted up like her. She now sleeps out under my Rose of Sharon bush by the back step.




Concrete JoeyWhen I bought the bird bath I had originally gone to the garden center to purchase this adorable little guy to paint for my sister.

This cat looks so much like my sister’s Flame Point Himalayan.





standing joeyOkay, this isn’t the best picture of Joey, but it’s one of my favorites because he’s just so stinkin’ cute in it!


Let me see if I can find a better one (believe me… there is no shortage of Joey pictures on my computer…)




joey024Joey’s coloring is interesting because in some pictures it’s darker and in some you can hardly see it. No matter what, though, he’s ALWAYS cuter than words!



Concrete Joey -FinishedI did my best with this. I was disappointed in the end result, but everybody else thought that it was really good.

I figured that it would be something nice for my sister’s front porch. Also, it would be a cat that she could bring home and her husband couldn’t get upset about another cat to clean up after.




Concrete Joey - Finished SideAgain, I was very picky about the coloring. It was hard to blend it in. First it was too orange, and then it was too yellow, and at one point it looked like I had slathered orange sorbet all over it.






Concrete Joey - Finished BackAs you can see, I had a supervisor helping me when I was painting the Joey.

I figured that if it didn’t turn out okay that my sister could always put it out in her backyard where you could just see it from a distance.

I believe that this is going to be the last of my concrete painting for a while. I really am not good at painting and I end up disappointed with the end result every time. Yes, I am my own worst critic.


Joey SupervisingAnd now it’s time for a nap….


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