Summer Cross Update – 8-6-15

Summer Cross 7-15-15Is it just me, or has this summer FLOWN by?? Where did it go? Wasn’t it just Memorial Day weekend? I was telling Jay the other day that I feel like I haven’t done anything this summer as I didn’t manage to knock hardly anything off of my To Do list. *sigh*

This is my Summer Cross as of July 15th. As I was stitching I felt like I wasn’t getting a whole lot done. I was just working on two little areas.


Summer Cross 8-6-15I guess that maybe I did do quite a bit on this in a few weeks! Again, this is the exact reason why I enjoy writing these posts. I go from feeling like I didn’t make much headway at all to feeling like, “Wow! Look at how much I did in just a few weeks with what little time I had!”

At this point all of the regular stitching is done on the northwest part of the cross. I have started working on the words that surround this area. I need to get the wording done because some of it runs right into the cross, so I can’t do any outlining until I don’t have to worry about missing something that should be going underneath the outline. If that makes sense…

I can’t wait to start the outlining because that’s when the picture will really start to pop! Oh, and the good thing about doing the wording on this cross, as compared to the Winter Cross, is that there aren’t any French knots between the words! I get to make ‘+’ instead! Woo-hoo!!!

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