Sugar Control Diet – June 2015

Gluten Free CakeJune 2015

Weight Loss – Overall, remained steady.

Total Weight Loss – 20 pounds

Mood – Stressed… still!

I decided that since I’m not on a very strict sugar-controlled diet anymore that I wouldn’t post every week or even every other week. It will probably end up being at the end of the month that I update anybody who’s interested on my progress.

My sister got married this month, and as you can see in the picture, she had somebody make her a gluten-free groom’s cake. It was delicious! The woman who made it actually used marshmallow in the fondant and it was heavenly. At least for me, who is a former marshmallow addict. When I was out of town for the wedding I did my best to behave, but I’ll admit that I had more sugar in those few days than I’ve had in the last six months! It was interesting, though, because my system felt ‘off’ for a few days after that. Perhaps it was more than a few days. I think that it might have been a week before I felt like I was back to my new normal.

I will also admit that after we got back I weighed myself and I had gained four pounds. Yikes! It has taken me the last two weeks to take those four pounds back off. I know that I have to physically do more now if I want to continue to lose weight. The diet took the first 20 pounds off, but if I were to be completely honest I would love to lose another 20. In order to make that happen I will have to actually start exercising regularly, which I dread. I don’t mind going outside and working in the yard or taking a walk, but I hate knowing that I have an obligation to work out. I hate knowing that I am paying money to a facility so that I can go sweat on their machines or in their classes. I tried to do that for motivation a few years ago, and it didn’t work. It just irritated me. lol.

The other thing that I think is somewhat detrimental to my fitness goals is the fact that I am still dealing with a LOT of stress due to work. My boss is completely incompetent at his job and nobody seems to be able to do anything about it… so they do nothing. Last week I told Jay that my job is hazardous to my health; I’m either going to stroke out or else have a heart attack. Luckily I have something in the works that could possibly alleviate that stress. In a few more weeks I should find out for sure.

This weekend was gorgeous, though, so I spent most of the days out in the yard working. We had a tree cut down, plus the neighbor had a tree cut down, so I had a lot of clean-up to do in the yard, plus the stacking of the wood that we are keeping for our fire pit. Then I helped the neighbor a little bit with their extra wood, and finally today I transplanted a GIANT hosta plant and started to prep the area by my driveway for some sidewalk pavers. My muscles are sore and my arms are bruised, but it was nice being able to get so much done.

Next weekend is the Chicken Walk that I signed up for at my church, and then later that morning I am going to have a foot detox session at the salon where I get my nails done. I’ve been curious as to how that will work, so I decided to splurge on one. I will definitely take pictures and give you an opinion on how I think it went. Maybe drawing some of the toxins out of my body will help me to be able to run more efficiently and I will be able to lose more weight. Too bad that they couldn’t do a little liposuction when they do the detox. 😉

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  1. mom says:

    I liked your last line bear

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