Dresses for Missions Update – 6-28-15

Dress #29 6-17-15I haven’t spent a lot of time in my sewing room, so it’s been a few weeks since I’ve made any dresses. Here is one that I can show you, though.

Dress #29

This fabric had a funky v-pattern to it, but it had enough colors in it that I knew I would be able to find lace in my stash to use on it.

I’m not sure how I like the result, but it’s different.


Dress #29 DetailI had been itching to use this ribbon for quite a while and finally decided that this was the dress it was meant for.

Except, I’m not so sure that it really works.

You can’t tell, but I used black lace on the bottom, too.


Thrift ShopWhen we were out of town for my sister’s wedding my mom and I ran to this thrift store that sold stuff by the pound. This is a great thing for us!

They had all of these bins on wheels so that you just walked by and rifled through them. They would wheel one out and replace it with another one from the back. I had never seen anything like it. Nothing is sorted. Clothes are in with blankets that are in with sheets in amongst curtains and perhaps a spare table cloth thrown in for good measure.


Thrift Shop BinIt was like digging for treasure. When you approached the next bin you never knew what you were going to find. Who knows… there could be a piece of buried treasure underneath!

My mom and I managed to get an entire cart heaped up with stuff. She was looking for 100% cotton shirts and skirts to use in her quilting. She cuts them apart so that she can use them in her scrap quilts. Getting material this way is a lot cheaper than buying it off the bolt.

I was looking for anything that I could use for my dresses for missions; cotton sheets, cotton pillow cases, or sheets that may not be useable for dresses, but had a really pretty lace/edging on them that I could cut off.

Dresses for Missions Thrift Store HaulThis is most of my haul. The folded piece on the bottom left are the pillow cases. On the right you have various sheets and the green thing with lace is a skirt that had some bad stains on it, yet most of the material is still good. The bright pink sheet has a big ol’ bleach spot in the middle, but that’s okay because there’s still plenty of sheet left once I cut that part out. On top of this I also found three or four lace curtains, a lace table cloth, and two sweatshirts for Jay. All of this for about $20 bucks.

Dresses for Missions Sheet EdgingSome of these sheets are very pretty with their eyelit edging. The peach sheet has some rips in it, but I can cut around those.

I just wish that we had a thrift store by the pound around here. Although, on second thought it might be a good idea that we don’t have one. After all, I don’t know how often my wallet would be able to take the beating!

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