Sugar Control Diet – Week #11

Cucumber Plants 6-27-14Week #11

Mood: Dreaming of green…

Weight Loss Week #11: 1 pound

Total Weight Loss: 15 pounds!



Now that most of the snow is gone and the temperatures are finally climbing out of the 30’s I am beginning to dream of spring days, playing in the dirt, and sunshine on my shoulders. I am allergic to almost everything outside, but that doesn’t stop me. I can’t wait to get the shovel out and start turning the soil. I have been thinking about it and I’m going to plant some zucchini this year. The last several years I’ve hoped to run into people who had so much that they were giving it away. Apparently nobody does that anymore so I will have to plant my own.

Zucchini relish… Mmmmm…. This diet has me looking at all labels and trying to take as much sugar as possible out of my diet. At least, as much added sugar as possible. I was horrified when I realized that most of the hamburger relishes that I looked at used high fructose corn syrup. Yuck! When I was younger my mom made a ton of zucchini relish one year, so I think that will be my major canning project this summer. I love grilling burgers and hot dogs and then covering them in relish. Jay isn’t impressed, but that just means more for me!

I had another diet realization this week. I know that my friend Jamie is doing cartwheels as she’s reading this… *Sigh*. I was busy this last week and I think that Jay was working third shift so I finished up some tater tots and then had some leftover cheesey potatoes. Within 15 minutes of eating that I found myself digging through the drawer where I keep our candy. I needed something sweet! That’s when I stopped and forced myself to close the drawer. I realized that I had loaded my body up with the starchy sugar from the potatoes and now it wanted more. I didn’t want to spiral down into that endless tunnel so I grabbed a bottle of water and made myself go upstairs to mess around in my sewing room. I figured that was the farthest away from the candy drawer that I could go. My craving eventually died down, but it really hit me just how close I always am to just wanting to dig into the sugar.

I’ve been wanting to make some gluten free pasta for myself, but this potato incident has me hesitating. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to summon up enough will power to walk away the next time. I did have some gluten free pizza yesterday and that was very tough to walk away from, so I won’t be doing that very often. For the most part I’ve been trying to stick to what I was eating when I was completely off of sugar; lots of meat, veggies, and some fruit mixed in there for good measure.

It’s definitely starting to get tough now!

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