Sugar Control Diet – Week #4

Vanilla Blossom CookiesWeek #4

Mood – Deprived

Weight Loss Week #4 – 0 pounds

Total Weight Loss – 8 pounds



What a disappointment! I was hoping to see the scale move again this week, but it didn’t! This is what frustrates me about dieting… you can be so very good and not see any results at all. You have no idea how tempted I have been this week to cheat! First I was dreaming that just a few M&M’s wouldn’t be bad, but I resisted. Then I was tempted to have a can of my reduced-sugar Pepsi (it’s not diet, it just has less than the full amount of sugar), but I behaved. The worst part was Friday. It was our first Friday of Lent and just to make things easier on myself I decided that I would make Macaroni & Cheese… for Jay.

Let me try to paint you a picture. I make homemade macaroni & cheese using a recipe that I got from a good friend. It is the creamiest, cheesiest and most delicious recipe. In fact, it was one of the things that I made the last week before I started this diet. There really was only one reason why I didn’t have ANY of it Friday night; I made it using regular noodles. If I’d used my gluten-free noodles I know that I would have been tempted to have just a little bit. Instead, I made spaghetti squash for myself (YUCK!!!!) with tomato sauce and veggies. I REALLY don’t like squash at all. In fact, as I was preparing it Jay asked what I was doing (he was afraid that I was going to make him eat it). I told him, “I am hoping that this is going to turn out to be way better than I know that it will.” *sigh* I was trying to be healthy, but it took a lot of tomato sauce to cover the taste of squash! Needless to say, I sent the rest of it home with Jay’s mom that night.

The fact that I was so good all week is what has me really irritated that I didn’t lose any weight. I have been drinking water all week like a camel. Jay takes Powerade to work with him in his thermos and so I use the empty 32 oz bottles for my water. This way it’s easy for me to keep track of how much I’m drinking. No kidding I drank at least 96 ozs of water each day this past week.

I am almost done with this leg of the diet. My Nutritional Therapist said that I would be on the sugar control diet for 30 days, then we would see how things were going and slowly start to add some things back in. I’ll be honest and tell you that I’m scared about adding the stuff back in. I know that I will have to limit how much of it I consume, and when it comes to things like pasta and rice I have a very hard time limiting myself. I don’t want to add one thing back and end up gaining all eight pounds back that first week.

Oh well. I guess that’s all to report for now. I have a bowl of ice cream to go dream about…

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