Dresses for Missions 3-17-14

I showed you the first four dresses that I made for the Dresses for Missions project at my church:

Dresses for Missions 1-4  2-23-14

There was a deadline of the first weekend in March to have as many turned in as possible. The ladies who are coordinating this project wanted to have as many dresses as possible to ship to Haiti in time for the girls to be able to wear them on Easter. So I continued sewing…

???????????????????????????????Dress #5

This one was harder because the material was already so busy. It also didn’t lend itself well to fancy lace. I went simple and just added a touch at the hem and then used black bias tape for the straps.




???????????????????????????????Dress #6

This is the matching pillow case to the other dress that I made in the first batch. I did something very similar, but with different lace.





???????????????????????????????Dress #7

I had purchased some really wide brown lace for this material. I decided to use it at the hem. I think that it gave an interesting look to it. I have more of this material and hope to brighten the next dress up a bit with different trim.




???????????????????????????????Dress #8

I was really looking forward to using this material. As I was sewing, however, I ran out of white thread and had to use an old spool. I thought it would be okay, but that thread was just VERY poor quality so it got tossed. With the frustration of that I ran out of creative steam and this is what I came up with.



Dresses for Missions #9Dress #9

The first 8 dresses had been turned in so I figured that I would have more time to work on the next group. There wasn’t a deadline (that I’d been told) so I wanted to do more dresses with the ruffles on the bottom. I really liked the look of the pink dress that I’d done that on. I think that this one really turned out cute.


Then I received a call and was asked if I had anymore dresses ready to go. They were going to ship them out in two days, but wanted to have as many as possible. I really only had one more night to work on them, so I did what I could.

Dresses for Missions #10Dress #10

This picture isn’t the best because I didn’t have a lot of bright light. I prefer to take pictures of the dresses during the day, but that wasn’t an option for this one.

I like the brightness of the material, but the lack of time and urgent need really sapped the creative juices out of me. I intend on using more ruffles in the future.

So, those are my dresses so far. I am hoping to sew at least one dress a week for now until I hear of the next deadline. I need a little bit of time for my cross stitching and piano playing… oh, and blog posting!

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