Winter Cross Project 2-1-14

I am still working a lot of extra hours so my only stitching time is at night. I haven’t even done much stitching on the weekends because I’ve been fighting sinus issues. You can’t really sit with your head bowed down over stitching when you already feel like you need a little tap installed in your head so that you can open it up to relieve the pressure. *sigh*

Winter Cross 1-22-14Here is the cross on January 22nd. This represents the left arm of the cross. I had just started to work on the words that make up the background of this piece.




Winter Cross 2-1-14And here we are as of February 1st. Not a whole lot done. This is as far up as I’m doing the words for now because I want to finish the top of the cross on this side before continuing with the words. In the meantime I am going to do as much backstitching on this arm as I can. Perhaps the next time you see it there won’t be as much done, but it will look sharper with all of the outlining done. We’ll see!

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