Dresser Project Almost Done!

Grandma's BedroomLet me lead you down memory lane a bit. Don’t ask me why I never took a complete ‘Before’ picture of this dresser, but I didn’t. Here it is in the foreground of this particular picture. I hope that this is enough for you to realize what color it was before. Somebody had attempted to do a faux finish on it so that it would somewhat look like wood.


Dresser BeforeHere it is, again, in all of it’s glory. It really wasn’t much to look at. I knew that it was solid wood so there was potential for it. I just had to find it.




Dresser 11-28-13I think that I found it! What do you think? The lighting isn’t the best, and I am still trying to find the perfect hardware for it, but this is the final finish.






Dresser Before

Dresser After First Stripping


Dresser After Second Stripping

Dresser Top 11-11-13

Dresser Stained and Polyd 11-27-13



Dresser Drawer After First Stripping

Dresser Drawer Before Final Cleaning

Dresser Drawer After Second Stripping

Dresser drawers 11-11-13

Dresser Drawers Stained and Polyd 11-27-13

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1 Response to Dresser Project Almost Done!

  1. Jamie says:

    Um, WOW!!! That is gorgeous! Unbelievably awesome job (or at least it would be unbelievable if it were anyone but you – I knew you’d do something impressive with it)! So glad it turned out beautifully for you!

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