A Basement Update

Maybe My AreaTake a look at this picture. Don’t concentrate on the floor… look up in the rafters. Do you somewhat see the mess of ducting? Over in the left hand corner do you see the furnace? This was the best picture that I could find of the ‘Before’ since I forgot to take pictures.



BasementThis one might give you a slightly better idea of what I’m talking about. This is our basement before we moved in. It looks huge, doesn’t it?

See the pipe that comes down under the one beam? I had to end up putting a table under it. Why? Every time I walked under that stupid duct I hit my head on it, therefore, if I had the table there then I would have to walk around the table and wouldn’t hit my head. *sigh* I know, but I’m not very graceful or remembering not to hit my head on the duct.

The ducting really was a horrible mess. There must have been a million different lines running here and there. They all had that tape wrapped around the seams that looked to be about forty years old and I swear that there was mold growing on it. It was nasty.

This fall we were going to look into insulating our outside walls (we discovered that they didn’t have any decent insulation in them when we redid the bathroom), but one day when I actually had the central air on I could feel a HUGE cold spot at the bottom of the basement stairs. I knew that I wasn’t being haunted by a ghost (thus the cold spot) so I figured that the ducting must be leaking a lot of air. If that was the case then we were being horribly inefficient in heating/cooling the house if a good portion of it was escaping. Don’t misunderstand me… I’m not a tree hugger and I feel that global warming is a load of garbage, but if my furnace was inefficient then it was costing me money! (Yes, I’m a greedy conservative… thank you for asking.)

We had an HVAC guy recommended to us and he gave us a quote. It was really more than I wanted to spend, but it meant a brand new and very efficient furnace, all new ducting, new cold air returns added to the downstairs, the furnace relocated to a more convenient spot, and a completely new central air condensing unit. We’ve been told by other people that we got a great bargain considering all that was done. So the crew came in last Monday, tore everything out, and started reconstructing. It was supposed to be a three day job, but ended up being four. That was fine with me. I just wanted it done correctly.


New Furnace 10-23-13TA-DA!!! Our brand new furnace! I have to say that it was installed at the right time, too. Considering that I had to have the heat off for four days I was glad that the weather held out so that it wasn’t too chilly. If it had been installed this week then I would right now be huddled in bed under layers of quilts and the heated mattress pad turned up to high.

We moved the furnace so that it was closer to the drain. This way the hose for the central air condensation didn’t have to run all the way across the floor.



My Part of the Basement 10-23-13It really opened up the basement, too. No longer do you have ducting running here and there, distracting your eye. And getting the furnace out of the center of a wall gave me more room in the area that I’m allowed to call my own. Jay even wired up a few more lights for me. Eventually we’ll have a utility sink hooked up to the water and drain, which will be lovely!!


More New Ducting 10-23-13They were also able to get rid of that ducting that hung down around the beam. I no longer have to leave the table in the middle of the room so that I don’t hit my head!

The company really did an excellent job of running all of the pipes and making sure that most of it was up into the rafters. I would definitely recommend this company to other people in my area.

And yes, I am still working on the dresser! I am hoping to get it done by Thanksgiving (since we’ll have a house full of people!). There was a lot more paint on there than I realized. Also, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on it. It seems that things keep popping up and becoming more important for me to work on than the dresser. I am back into the swing of it, though, and am determined to get it done soon!

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2 Responses to A Basement Update

  1. Jamie says:

    Yay for getting a new, energy-efficient furnace! And for getting all the duct work fixed! House projects have a way of doing that… you plan one thing, then end up switching things around because you find something new and alarming. Glad you were able to get this done before the cold hit!

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