Church Square Update 7-28-13

Church Square Pattern 5-18-13Okay, so I’m a little behind in my posts. I don’t think that it really matters too much since this is the only way that you are seeing my progress.

Here is the original, blurry, picture from the magazine where I found the pattern. Just so that you can remember what my square is attempting to look like.


Church Square 7-22-13And here was my progress as of last week. Not bad! It at least looks more like the picture.








Church Square 7-29-13And here is the updated picture! As you can see, I finished filling in the continents and have begun working on the backstitching of the plane. Backstitching is my favorite part of a project. Before you add in the detail lines it’s just a blob of colors. You might be able to tell what it is, but it’s kind of hazy.

To demonstrate this I made sure to take the picture after I had outlined only one of the props and left the other one as it was. There aren’t a whole lot of lines in the prop on our left, but it looks like it’s actually spinning as compared to the one on our right. Just wait until I show you what the entire plane looks like after it’s outlined….

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