Church Square Update 7-22-13

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I have been really busy! I spend a lot of time outside after work now that the weather is nice. Also, our computer room is upstairs and it’s sweltering! Even with the A/C on it is still quite hot so we don’t spend a lot of time up here. You will have to wait until cooler weather before you see my regularly-posted entries.

Church Square 7-4-13This is what I had done on the square right before the long July 4th weekend. It was very warm and Jay had to work that weekend, so I decided that I was going to sit and stitch. It was rather nice! I caught up on my podcasts and really got a lot done on this square. Would you like to see just how much I got done?




Church Square 7-22-13Woo-hoo! We have continents and the beginning of a border. Before I can outline the plane I need to get all of the stuff behind it filled in.

I have to admit that I did make a bit of a mistake when working on the continents. I won’t tell you what, but I had to do some reworking with the colors.

Speaking of colors, the one thing that really irritated me about this pattern was the fact that they called for a specialty thread for the filling in of the continents. I can’t recall which thread company they used, but it was a specialty dyed cotton. I wanted to stick with DMC so I had to figure out how I was going to do it. I ended up picking out a yellowish color that went well with the greens for the continents. I tried the yellow by itself, but it was too much of a stark contrast. I pulled those stitches out and tried again. This time I did some tweeding. Tweeding, for you non-cross stitchers, is when you mix two threads together in one needle to get a blended shade. I used one strand of the yellow and one strand of the lightest green that I had used. It worked perfectly! I really like how it came out.

More to come!

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