SIG Rascal 110… Electrified!

Rascal Box 4-6-13This is the box that the Rascal came in when it was brought home. Mind you, this Rascal needs to be put together once it comes out of the box; the tail needs to be attached, the wings put together, and the motor and nose added to it. To give you a little better perspective, I’m 5’10” tall. This is what Jay wanted for his birthday, though, so he got it. I had NO idea how he was going to fit this in his car. He barely gets the A-10 in there and the fuselage is around 71″ long (I know that I probably have that wrong and will have to edit this post to correct it).


Rascal Fuselage 4-6-13In this picture you can see that Jay has managed to unpack parts of his new plane. I think that he’s looking at it and thinking, “How in the WORLD am I going to fit this in my car??” Yeah… that’s what I’m wondering, too.





Rascal Wings 4-6-13We have a very tall ceiling in our family room. I’m guessing that it is around 8′ tall. Jay is attempting to assemble the wings, but as you can see they will not be able to stand up completely straight. Yes, I realize that this is a Rascal 110, but I still like the visual of how huge this electric plane is in our family room.





Assembled Rascal 4-6-13The Rascal is roughly assembled, no glue or anything, but it took up the entire family room. Wow. And yes, we are watching MST3K.




On BenchJay had the Rascal up on his work bench while putting the electronics into it. He doesn’t have room to put the wings on it in the workshop unless the whole thing is at an angle. It really is insane. I thought that the A-10 was large, but this one takes the gluten-free cake!



Covered BabyPrior to purchasing the ARF Rascal Jay had bought a kit for a little Rascal, or as I refer to it… Alfalfa. This was an actual kit that he had to build up from sticks and sheets of balsa. He enjoyed it, but this little guy just wasn’t going to be able to give him that power rush that he was looking for.



Daddy and BabyI couldn’t resist, though… I just had to put them together to see the size difference. Aren’t they cute??!





???????????????????????????????As you can see, Alfalfa isn’t even as tall as one of the wings. Awww!!!







TailsLook at the tails! This is my favorite picture of the two of these planes.

Now, if you were hoping for technical stuff you will have to wait until the next post on the Rascal. The only thing that I know for sure is that it has massive power. Jay’s goal was to be able to launch this plane from almost a standstill, and send it straight up. He was pretty impressed with it when he maidened it on Monday. The only thing that I know for sure is that it has a Hacker motor and Spectrum servos. Plus, it’s being run on a DX18. It has a Castle speed controller and a Spectrum receiver (obviously). I think that it’s a 12 channel receiver, actually. Somebody took video of it when Jay maidened it so if I get a link to the video I will post it for you.

Thanks for looking!

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