This Is Just Who I Am

Visiting Dress 2I have been busy in the last couple of weeks, but I’ve had a million thoughts running through my head that I wanted to write about in a blog post. Many of them require more work than what I really have time to devote to it right now, but at least they are possibilities for the future.

There have been a lot of things that have popped up to show me just how atypical I am. Everybody likes to think that they are unique, but they aren’t. When you boil them all down for the most part a lot of people are Sheeple. They are too afraid to stand out as their own person for fear of ridicule, so they go along with the crowd because they think that’s what society dictates that they do (and which has become part of the downfall of our society, but I won’t get into that). Take a moment to think about it… when you go to the mall where there are a lot of teenagers they all like to think that they are rebelling and being their own person. Yet, if you were to round up all of those teen sheeple you would note that very few would actually stand out among their peers. They all dress in those dumb straight-legged skinny jeans, carrying around their cellphones so that they can text each other despite the fact that they are all within arm’s length.

I have never followed the crowd. You could probably tell that just by looking at me. Some people might think that I dress as I do because of religious convictions; I rarely wear pants, instead opting for long skirts, and my hair is waist length. I just like to dress like this… it’s me. My husband doesn’t mind. And yet, those same teenagers who try to act out and think that they are being an individual are the same ones who would look at me with derision and think about what an idiot I am because I dress so conservatively. Anybody else get the irony in this??

When Jay and I were going through the pre-marriage counseling stuff you would not believe how often people would be amazed that we weren’t living together yet. In fact, we were actually married for three weeks before we lived together. Add to that the fact that we DIDN’T have children before getting married… wow… we were blowing minds all over the place! lol

Wheel Pants InstalledMy sense of humor is off, too. Some people just look at me and shake their heads. It makes me wonder what people think when they do an internet search for “How to make your own RC wheel pants” and they come across my blog post where I literally made pants for my RC plane. And how about the women who are planning their dream wedding, but they want to make their own elaborate cake topper? When they do a search for DIY cake toppers, they come across my post with Scarlett and the A-10.

Life is what you make of it, I guess. I don’t mind my ‘weirdness’, in fact I often revel in it. When I was in high school I was often ridiculed because I wasn’t part of the herd. I was a band nerd who loved to read and despised anything that reeked of popularity. I never had a crush on a boy band. I didn’t spend my days trying to figure out how to afford the latest clothing trend so that I could be ‘cool’. HA! In fact, I actually kind of started a trend without realizing it. In highschool I would wear an ankle-length skirt underneath my jean jumper dress that I had. Unfortunately, within a few years that style was actually in fashion. *sigh*

Another thing that I’m sort of atypical is that I’m not career-minded. I never have been. I currently hate my job. I take that back, I don’t hate my actual job… I hate my boss and coworker. I want to get out of that place so badly, but I can’t leave unless I have somewhere else to go. The really bad thing is that I don’t want a career, I just want a source of income. If I could figure out how to work from home I would. I would rather be at home taking care of my husband, the house, and the cats. However, “love don’t pay the bills.” I don’t want a job where I’m expected to work 80 hours a week, plus take some of it home with me. I will give my time to the company who is paying me, and I will do my best, but after work that time is MINE. The government already steals my money out of my pockets, I don’t want a company stealing time out of my life.

Anyway, this ended up being a nonsensical and very rambling post, but oh well. It’s my blog and I can write whatever posts I want, right? Very soon I will post some more RC related stuff… I just have to find the time to take the pictures, download them, and write the posts. That won’t happen this weekend, but I’ll see what I can do in the next week or so.

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