Hooded Baby Towels

Katie's Baby TowelsA few weeks ago I managed to get my sewing machine out. Actually, I didn’t have much of a choice. I had promised a friend that I would make a set of hooded baby towels for one of her friends, plus I had a baby shower that I was going to attend and needed a set for that.

My mom has made these towels for many years. I’m not sure where she learned about them, or where she found her pattern, but she has taught both me and my sister how to make them. They make great baby gifts and it seems like people are constantly requesting replacements after the first set has worn out.

Anita's Baby TowelsThis is the set that I made for Jay’s cousin. Her nursery theme is elephants and other jungle animals, so I found this ribbon and felt that it would be perfect. She loved the towels and insisted that she was going to use them herself before the baby arrives. lol



Girl Baby TowelsThis is the practice set that I started out sewing. It had been a while since I had done a set of these so I figured that if I messed up on these it wouldn’t be a big deal. I can keep them on hand in case I need a set for somebody who is having a girl. Considering Jay has a ton of cousins who are getting married, or have just gotten married, I’m sure that they will be gifted before too long.


I haven’t had much time to pick up my cross stitch, but I have managed to do some crafting. I do have some cross stitching projects lined up. I just have to get to them!



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