Weight Loss Challenge – Week 5

???????????????????????????????Weight Loss Week 5 – 0

Total Weight Loss – 5 pounds

I know… I know… stop staring at me! I realize that I’m the one who is responsible for my lack of progress. Your gaze is making me feel guilty, but it’s not really motivating me. Maybe because I know that you’re staring at me because you want me to sit down so that you can lounge. *sigh* Bob sure has a way of making me feel guilty.

I have to admit that I’m writing this post during my lunch break (somehow I managed to finally get this site to work at my place of employment), and it smells like somebody is eating bacon. Mmmm… it smells so good! It really puts a damper on any satisfaction that I might have received from my salad. Lack of willpower… that is my problem!

Did I exercise this week? Nope. Did I behave myself? Nope. I attended a baby shower and the food was made all gluten free just for me so I HAD to eat it, right? I couldn’t be rude… I suppose that I could have bypassed the Mudslide that I had later, but please reference my previous comment about lack of willpower. It’s not good.

Dictator Bloomberg says that people are getting fat because they are drinking too many sugary drinks. That must be my problem! I’m drinking WAY too much juice and pop! Wait, I don’t drink juice and pop… Hmm… I have my cup of coffee in the morning (which I have switched over to a flavored coffee so that I can omit the flavoring syrup that I used to add), and then I drink water the rest of the day. I finished up a can of Jay’s pop the other night after he left for work. There were maybe three swallows of it left and I hated to waste it. I might finish up a bottle of his Powerade to a) free up fridge space and b) because I’m thirsty for something really cold. But other than that I’m drinking water. So, Dictator Bloomberg, what is the issue with my weight gain?? (Another post will come later regarding this whole overstepping of government issue)

Jay is back on 10 hour shifts so I will have to force myself to exercise more often since I don’t have the excuse of spending time with him. My goal between this post and next week’s post is to exercise at least three times. Sounds like it should be possible, right? Yet somehow when I have dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and cats all demanding my attention the priorities tend to shift around. Plus the fact that I need to get to bed at a decent hour so that I don’t fall asleep on my drive to work. Stupid work! It gets in the way of everything!!

Okay… I need motivation! What motivates you?

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