Weight Loss Challenge: Week 2

Airplane CookiesWeight Loss Week 2: 0 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 3 pounds

*sigh* I think that these cookies were part of my downfall this week. I love baking and I wanted to make Jay something that I hadn’t made in a while. Plus I had an airplane-shaped cookie cutter that I wanted to use. A good chef will always taste their cooking, right? And cookies sound close enough to ‘cooking’ that I feel it should count. Obviously the calories did!

This past week was a bit rough. My sinuses were wreaking havoc on me and there was so much going on that I was very grumpy. I didn’t have any energy to exercise by the end of the day when I did have some time at night. This weekend I didn’t spend a lot of time on my feet, but I wasn’t idle by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just hard for me to get motivated to exercise. I worked out to my walking DVD once this week, but that’s it. I shoveled the sidewalk tonight if that counts…

Motivation is going to be the biggest factor in this challenge. I have to feel motivated to want to lose the weight. Unfortunately, the feelings that I’m experiencing that should motivate me are just depressing me instead. I don’t feel attractive… I have zero energy… I feel like a big blob… and there have even been times when I’ve just wanted to lock myself away from everybody while eating what remains in the cookie container. I do have goals and desires, but sometimes it’s hard to focus on them. I want to look gorgeous for my husband… I want to look in the mirror and like what I see… I want to think that I’m turning heads because I’m so pretty and not because I’m so big.

I’m not very happy with myself and the fact that I didn’t lose any weight. However, I will look at this in a positive way… at least I didn’t gain any! There’s always next week, right? Oh, and does anybody want some cookies?

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