Valentine’s Day Prelude

As I was searching for a cross stitch design on my favorite cross stitch site, 1-2-3 Stitch, I came across a series of Building Blocks that was designed by My Big Toe Designs. There are fourteen designs in this series and I am dying to own all of them. I would love to stitch them to either hang on the walls or to make into a quilt of some sort. However, considering the number of designs I won’t be able to afford all of them.

As I looked at this ‘Love’ block it reminded me that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. A lot of people detest this “holiday” because they feel that it’s just a trumped-up excuse for card companies, florists, and jewelers to turn a profit right after Christmas. It’s also a day where a lot of women expect that the men in their lives are going to get them something fancy or expensive to prove how much they are loved. What a bunch of nonsense!

I’ve told Jay that I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day. The guys with whom he works told him not to listen to me because it’s just a test. Even if I say that I don’t want anything that he can’t believe me and should still get me something. That’s just silly. I’m not like most women. I don’t need jewelry to prove to me that Jay loves me. I don’t need to get him a new jet to prove that I love him (even though I know that he would really appreciate it).

Instead, I want to try to act as if every day is Valentine’s Day. Okay, so I’m still a newlywed with hearts still in my eyes. Perhaps I am, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t attempt to treat Jay like he’s the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Deep down inside that’s all anybody wants. They want to know that they are special to somebody. They want to know that they are loved. And they want to be told fairly often so that they don’t have to guess at it. Tell your spouse, or significant other, how handsome they are. Give him/her backrubs when they’ve had a rough day. Leave notes for them to find when you’re not there. Always kiss each other goodbye.

What would happen if you never had another chance to tell your spouse how much you love them and how much they mean to you? Would they know? Would that be one of your greatest regrets? If it would be then start fixing it. As long as they are still with you then it’s never too late. I know without a doubt that if something were to happen to me, Jay would know that to my last breath I had loved him with all of my heart and soul. I have written him a few letters and notes to tell him just that. If I were to leave this earth I know that Jay would have those letters to comfort him and to keep me close. Just like if something were to happen to him I would treasure the notes that he has written to me more than all of the jewelry in my jewelry box added up together.

This Valentine’s Day instead of spending money on your spouse, spend time. Cuddle up with a glass of wine and chat about silly stuff. Make him a nice dinner and discuss some common activities that you could share once the weather improves. Hold each other close and thank God for one another. Never take your spouse for granted. We all have our bad days and rough times, but they are your port in the storm and a source of strength. Hold them close and you will make it through together.

Jay during dance

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1 Response to Valentine’s Day Prelude

  1. Jamie says:

    I think that every couple should be required to read The Five Love Languages before getting married. So many hurt feelings and so much lost time could be avoided if more of us genuinely understood how our spouses want to be loved and invested in the things that speak love to them rather than what the world comes up with! It sounds like you and Jay are communicating pretty well on that front, though, so kudos to you!

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