A Miniature Bowie

This past weekend Jay went up to the Hobby shop to pick up some servos and other things that he had ordered for the Huey. Before he left, the guy who owns the place asked Jay to give me something. This guy does a lot of metal work and other kinds of interesting crafts. He gave me some stamped pieces of metal last winter to make into earrings. I think that he likes me. 😉

Mini Bowie Knife 1This is what Jay handed me this weekend. Isn’t it beautifully packaged?

The bird is kind of this guy’s signature.

He told Jay that it wasn’t quite Civil War, but close enough.



Mini Bowie Knife 2Isn’t it cute??!! Look how tiny it is!






Mini Bowie Knife 4He even sharpened the edges!






Mini Bowie Knife 3The explanation under the top of the cover was my favorite part about it. This gentleman knows that I am a conservative and how I feel about a lot of liberal nonsense, so I loved the added humor of his warning! lol



Mini Bowie Knife 5I really am impressed, though, with the idea that he made this out of a nail. He has a lot of talent and I feel so honored to have received one of these. He has loyal customers who will pay good money for things like this, yet he gives it to me for free.

It currently holds a place on top of my bookshelves so that I can look at it whenever I get the urge.

Is that great or what?!

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