I Just Don’t Understand This Fad

Have you noticed these stickers that go on the windshields? Is it just me, or does it not make sense? Why do you need to spell it out on your windshield what make of car you drive? Are you afraid that people won’t recognize the logo on the grill? Can somebody please explain this to me?

Do you know what I would like to do? I drive a Honda, but I would put a sticker across my windshield that said ‘Lincoln’. Technically it’s one of the car manufacturers and it’s also my favorite president. Shouldn’t we be able to put the type of car we would like to be driving up there? That way it says, “I can only afford a Kia, but I am pretending that it’s a Mercedes.”

The other annoying-to-me car fad is those stick-figure families that you see on the back of various vehicles. Do I really need to know just how many children you have? Do I care that you also have two dogs and a cat? Why do people feel the need to advertise these types of things about themselves? Since you aren’t driving a convertible and I can see the car seats in the back seat I’m automatically going to assume that at some point you haul small children around in your vehicle. Or midgets. After all, you have to be a certain height before you’re allowed to ride in a car without a booster seat.

Do you know what I’m tempted to do? Just to mess with people and make them wonder I want to get some of those stick figure stickers and put one woman on my car, with about 12 cats. LOL. Can you imagine what people would be thinking?? Yep, that’s what I want to do…. mess with peoples’ minds. 😀

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1 Response to I Just Don’t Understand This Fad

  1. Jamie says:

    I don’t get those little sticker people either. They do have a little chainsaw murderer stick figure guy though. You could buy a couple and start sticking them on people’s cars in parking lots. That would get the point across! 🙂

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