Frustration Relief Needed

This is how I feel this week. Again. I can handle things when they come one at a time, but not when I’m being hit all at the same time from different angles. Work… the house… expenses… the wedding… our inept government… it all is working to beat me down.

My boss has been at work for six months and still doesn’t know the basics. The engineers don’t follow established procedures and then get upset when I call them on it. VPs decide that we suddenly need to release the new product that we’ve been working on and that it can only take two days to do it; it takes me almost two days just to do my portion of it! Another person is trying to test a new doc type so now I have to enter a couple thousand new lines to our AAIs so that the test will process correctly. In the meantime other people are coming at me with other questions, including my boss even though I’ve told her a million times that I was never involved in that particular part of developing the budget. *sigh*

Jay helped me to fix the crack in my basement wall this weekend. At least, I think that we fixed it. We used an epoxy kit that is expensive and sold for this very purpose. I still have to clean out my gutters. We had some rain yesterday, and so far no water in the basement *knocks on wood*. The epoxy leaked out in spots, though, and pooled on the floor. Now I’m having to use a putty knife and hammer to chip it off. Then I’ll have to clean up the wall enough to paint it so that it looks nice. I still have to finish cleaning the junk out of the basement, too. I might end up putting a lot of stuff on the curb with ‘Free’ signs on them.

Jay and I are looking at houses, but between the down payment and closing costs it’s going to suck up a lot of our savings. I will have more once I sell my house, but I’m not sure how long that’s going to take. Plus I still haven’t found a job down near Jay, yet. So until I do that means I will be driving back and forth between there and where I currently work, which means more gas. With all of this Jay and I want to get married this fall, but we both come from large families so it’s not going to be cheap if we have the traditional reception. I would rather elope, but it’s important to him and others that we have an actual wedding. I don’t care about the pomp and circumstance, I just want to be Mrs. Jay.

The world is turning against the US; in the Middle East they are tearing down the American Flags over our embassies and raising the black flag of the Jihad. What is our president doing? He’s attending campaign parties with Beyonce and Jay-Z, and then shows up to yuck it up with David Lettermen. We had advance intelligence that our embassies were going to be attacked on September 11th, but why bother attending the daily intelligence briefings? Attending only about 38% of them should be enough. Also, when our Ambassador to Libya was in danger and the embassy was being overrun why bother to stay up? Instead our president went to bed. After all, I’m sure he had another bunch of campaign stops to make the next day. Or perhaps he was going to plan different ways of redistributing wealth. Why let people keep the money that they’ve worked so hard for? Instead he’ll take from the working people (via taxes) and give it to the grits who are too lazy to get out of bed in the morning and work an honest job.

I return home each night, exhausted, and usually with a headache. The only thing that I can do to make it through the week is concentrate on the weekend when I get to spend time with Jay. Just having him by my side makes everything more tolerable. I can’t wait until I actually get to see him every day. What a great thing that would be!

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