Labor Day Picnic

Every Memorial and Labor Day, Jay’s family gets together for a picnic. It’s always just his dad’s side and they all meet at the camp that his aunt and uncle own. I’ve attended three of these now and they are always interesting. This year Jay decided that we needed to go four wheeling. If clinging on with all of my might and being in terror that I would be thrown from the back of it at any moment is considered fun, then I had a ball! lol It was a good time, but I prefer riding on the fender of my dad’s tractor. 😉

When we head up there Jay always takes one of his planes to fly because his family enjoys seeing what he can do with them. They get all of the neighbors and head up to the field that is at the top of the hill. Last year Jay took his F-16 that he had been working on when we first started dating. This is how it looked halfway through the flight:

He accidentally hit one of the overhead power lines and literally cut his jet in half. I was horrified, but he had been excited and wished that somebody had captured it on tape. Well, apparently we started a tradition because this is how the baby MiG looked after a flight and a half:

Yep, that’s right… he managed to hit the same power line! Luckily he didn’t lose any of the pieces and they sell the air frames for these online. However, I was absolutely sick with the thought that it had happened twice! I wasn’t upset with Jay because I knew that he didn’t do it on purpose. That was not a cheap purchase, though.

It appears that the wire hit the middle of the cockpit and then sheared off the tail and wing. *sigh* I told him that if I’m good enough to fly on my own next year that we ought to take combat foamies and streamers instead. This way we can put on a show in the middle of the field and won’t have to worry about going under the power lines. Hopefully that will save a few planes from an untimely demise!

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