Funky Dreams!

Do you ever have funky dreams? Dreams that wake you up and leave you wondering why in the world you had that stuff running through your head? I have a lot of weird dreams. In college I used to get blamed for sending weird dream vibes through the wall of my dorm room and into my friends’ heads.
I’m not a fish lover by any stretch of the imagination. Fish freak me out. I don’t like to eat seafood of any sort and I don’t like to have them in my house. The cats would probably love it, but not me. Maybe it’s because I keep having dreams that the fish are attacking me and trying to kill me.

I had a “Jaws” dream the other night. Sheriff Brody (sp?) was there trying to warn people about the shark in the water. For some reason I was out in the boat and the shark was after me! It was quite an involved dream, but the only part I remember is trying to find a place on the boat where I could stand where the shark wouldn’t be able to eat me.

A few weeks ago I had a REALLY bizarre dream. I am blaming it entirely on Jay because we’ve been falling asleep to old episodes of Star Trek with Jean Luc Pickard (or however you spell his name) and it really influenced a dream that I had. Jay, Sam (a guy from the club) and I were flying in jets on this strange planet. We looked down and there was a giant river, except in one spot there were about a dozen downed jets floating in the water. Sam’s jet lost power and plunged into this river, in this same spot. He got out and started to swim to shore, but just then there was this huge bubbling in the water and he was gone! Jay and I circled back to figure out what had happened when my jet lost power and I ended up in this same river. The bubbling water came at me and I realized that it was a huge school of fish who were eating me alive! It didn’t hurt, though. I just felt nothing, starting at my feet and working its way up as the fish ate me. Jay was going to jump in and try to save me, but I told him not to because I didn’t want him to be eaten, too. That he was to go warn others about that place. And then I was gone.

Jay doesn’t like that dream because he’s appalled at the thought that he would just let me die like that. Hey, I can’t help what I dream. It doesn’t always make sense. It just happens. How about you? Have you had any weird dreams lately? Are they instigated by anything in particular?


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