To Make Myself Feel Pretty…

Tonight I had to stop at the local beauty supply store so that I could buy more hair dye. Yesterday I told you that I’m turning into a grumpy old lady, but I don’t want to look like one! I like to dye my hair to a color as close to my natural hair color as I can get. I think that I look good with my dark hair and really have no desire to try a different shade. However, I can easily spend a TON of time browsing in the beauty supply store.

After I grab my hair dye, then I walk up and down the aisles looking at all of the interesting things on the shelves. My mom is a beautician and worked in a beauty shop when I was younger. These tools and products are familiar to me for that reason, and I really have no intention of using most of them, but I can’t help looking at them. I look at the hair brushes and marvel that there could possibly be a reason to have so many different shapes and sizes. After all, you’re just brushing your hair! I look at the different barrettes and pins… so many different types.

What really captures my attention, though, are the manicure and pedicure supplies. First off, my finger nails are not very nice. One of the lovely things that go along with Celiac Disease is brittle and weak nails. If they manage to get to a decent length they don’t stay that way for long. *sigh* Yet I love to look at the different nail polishes, the designs, the colors, the little manicure tools… they fascinate me.  My cuticles would make a manicurist cringe. I use my hands for a lot of household chores such as painting, caulking and sealing, and tearing things down. My nails don’t stay pretty for long at all. Yet I can’t help it. I dream about how beautiful my nails would look with this blue and then that black crackle finish over top. I drool over the polishes with the sparkles in it.

As I sat there tonight, looking at callus remover, I realized something. I will spend a lot less if I buy the supplies and can pamper my feet at my house (I don’t treat my feet very nicely, either), but where’s the fun in that? The part that I enjoy most about a pedicure is the fact that I get to soak my feet in bubbly warm water as the massage chair works on my back and the nail technician works on my feet. Yes, I could save money by working on my own calluses, but I would completely miss out on the whole ‘spoiling’ myself thing. Sometimes you have to spoil yourself and this is my way of doing it.

I’m just glad that Mary Kay doesn’t have retail stores. I would be in BIG trouble! I love flipping through the catalogs and seeing all of the interesting things that are out there to make myself feel beautiful. If it only worked! 😉

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