A Beautiful Weekend

It was a really great weekend. Very hot and humid, and windy, but it was beautiful. Friday night the moon started to come up over the trees and we were amazed to see that it was an orangish-red. This was the best picture that I could get. Nothing like an orange dot on a black background, eh? lol

Saturday was very hot and humid, so we stayed inside getting various projects completed. Jay worked on one of his numerous airplanes that were still sitting in their box, and I tore apart a wooden chair and reglued it. Wild and crazy times were definitely had by all! lol That evening, though, he said, “Okay, let’s head out.” I didn’t know where, but I knew that it would be a good time. And it was. We drove around Presque Isle and then enjoyed the sunset on the beach. I was a little disappointed that you couldn’t actually see the sun setting because of the clouds and haze, but it was still very pretty.

I even allowed Jay to lure me into the water. It was cold at first, due to your skin being so warm from the air, but then it felt really good. We went wading up to our knees and had to resist the urge to just jump in.




It was a beautiful evening and the company was wonderful, as always. Sitting on the beach was a nice change of pace from our usual Saturday night activities of either flying or working on our various hobbies. We are definitely going to have to return and hike around the peninsula, though. They have a wonderful bike/pedestrian path that I would like to take full advantage of at some point.

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