The Travel Bug

Yesterday I had visited with some family whom I haven’t seen in many years. They are up here on vacation and it was good to see them. However, at one point I started talking with my aunt about Gettysburg. *sigh* Do you know how long it’s been since I was last there? It was December of 2007. It seems like it was longer ago than that!


As I sat at my desk and thought about it this morning, I started longing to be back there. Then I got the itch. You know what I’m talking about… the one that makes you want to jump in the car and head out to places unseen. You want to go exploring or revisiting because they were so enjoyable the first time around. The itch that drives you crazy and makes you want to just get out of town for a little while. You completely forget what a pain it is to pack. Or the hassle of having to get back and unpack. All of that is forgotten because being anywhere has to be better than being stuck at a desk, in a cubicle, inside where you only get to see the light if you happen to walk by the door on the way to the printer.

I would want to travel with Jay, but due to shut down he won’t have any extra vacation time to use this fall. That means any traveling would have to be done while he’s off of work at the end of July. The problem with that is my incompetent moron of a coworker had already asked for half of those days off, and the following week we get involved in month end closing. So I would only have a long weekend to go do something together.

The biggest problem with trying to travel to Gettysburg in the summer is that if you find a hotel room, it’s not going to be cheap. I proved that to myself this morning. The cheapest room in a hotel that I would consider staying at was around $100 a night. That’s much too expensive for a weekend trip. *Sigh* I realize that we just got back from SEFF not too long ago and we had a great time there. I guess that I’m just so miserable sitting at my desk that I would rather be somewhere else.



Instead, I will do the responsible thing and ‘go staying to home’, as my dad would say. The money would be better put towards other things. Like house insurance that will come due this fall. Or paying off my student loans. *sigh* Sometimes it really sucks to do the ‘adult’ thing.

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