Cross Stitched A-10 Update

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my stitching so I didn’t get very far along on this project.

Here is the progress on the sky that I had as of 6-11-12. Like I’ve said before, I love the color blue, but this was getting to be a bit much.




Here is the progress as of 6-24-12. I am very excited because I was able to move onto a new color. Not that you can tell… lol  You can start to see the outline of the canopy, though. Woo-hoo!! It’s not just sky anymore. lol



Hopefully there will be more progress to show you next week. 🙂

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2 Responses to Cross Stitched A-10 Update

  1. K. Marie says:

    When you really look at it you can see that there were quite a few more stitches done. Keep up the good work!!

    • Thanks! Sometimes it’s hard to see the progress when you’re so close to it. I’m just glad that I’m stitching a different symbol right now. All of that blue was driving me batty! 🙂

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