Memorial Day Poppies

Yesterday I mentioned to Jay that it had been quite a few years since I had seen the guys at the store entrances selling the Memorial Day poppies and that I missed it. He had no idea what I was talking about. I explained about how the American Legion guys (at first I thought it was the VFW guys) used to stand with the money cans by the entrance to the grocery store in my town and as you donated money they would give you a poppy on a wire. I would then take it and hang it on my rear view mirror. That way every time I looked at it I would be reminded of the sacrifices made for me.

I then mentioned “In Flanders Fields” and the connection with that and the paper poppies that I miss. Again, Jay hadn’t a clue what I was talking about, so I pulled up the poem on Wikipedia. I guess that I just assumed that everybody had been taught the connection between the poppies given out on Memorial Day and the poem that was written by a World War I vet. If you are unfamiliar with the story please go take a look at the link that I posted. I just wanted to make sure that everybody knew why I chose that poem to post yesterday.

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