Passport Cover Finished

About a month ago Jay’s mom asked if I could make a passport cover for her. I had no idea what kind of passport cover she wanted or even where to start. I did a search online and found some instructions for a book jacket-like passport cover. Then I looked through my cross stitch patterns to see what I could find that would work. I found an alphabet booklet that had a really pretty ‘K’ that was about the right size. So, using some opalescent evenweave that I had on hand I got to work.

I believe that this is the last picture you saw of this piece. You can see how the fabric sparkles. Isn’t it pretty?






This is what the finished ‘K’ looked like. It turned out rather nicely, don’t you think? I don’t have my sewing machine right now (it’s at my mom’s house getting oiled and checked over), so I asked my mom if she could sew it all together for me. She did and I think that it turned out quite nicely!





As you can see, it’s not very big.








This is how it opens, and then it has enclosed ends so that you put the passport in it like the fabric is a book jacket. When I found the cross stitch pattern I knew that my mom had this butterfly material and that it would look great together.





Finally, here is a picture of the back. The material has a bit of a gold sheen to some of the butterflies, so it sparkles as well. Jay’s mom’s favorite color is purple and I knew that there was a lot of purple in this material. I think that it came out beautifully. I dropped it off to her on Sunday and she was tickled pink. Hopefully it fits! lol




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