My Back Yard

Today was a gorgeous day, so I decided to do a little bit of work outside while it was still bright. It’s kind of nice to get home and have a few hours of daylight left. And I enjoyed being outside. I just wished that I wasn’t in my own back yard. Is that bad for me to say? I just get so frustrated out there because there’s so much to do. I feel like between the inside stuff and the outside stuff, I’m never going to get caught up.

My grandmother was getting weak, so my uncle put up a fence so that she could just let her dog out the door without having to put it on a leash. I have no idea why they needed three fences, but they did. So now I have two sections of fence to take down.

This is part of the first fence that you encounter. This section of it really used to irritate me because the gate was there and so I couldn’t back all the way up to my back door. It made about six feet of my driveway inaccessible. My dad helped me take the gate down this winter. Then I have that stupid post right there that held some wire fencing that I removed, but the post won’t budge. It’s annoying because you hit it every time you turn the corner to head to the car.

These are the other two sections of fence. The only part that I’m going to keep in place is the far chain-linked fence. In fact this fence with the red gate rather irritated me. When I would shovel I had to toss the snow over that fence. One night I was in a rotten mood, so I kicked the snot out of it and opened it up. lol. Not very mature, but it made me feel better.


Here we have another picture of the double fences. Also, you can’t see it, but to the left is a pile of crap that my uncle left. Literally. He tossed all of the dog crap into one spot. Nice, eh?




This is my back deck. It will be nice to use once the weather warms up and I get it cleaned up a bit. I helped my dad on this deck when my grandma still lived here, so at least I know that it was built correctly. I only have one problem with the deck…




… the trees. My grandma loved nature and birds, so my aunt and uncle bought her these trees. She wanted to be able to see them when she looked out her kitchen window so my uncle planted them close. Can you see how close they are to the deck?? They are still young with lots of growing to do so it’s not like they are going to stay that size forever. Not only that, but these are flowering trees. Not a good thing for a person with allergies to almost everything that’s natural. Needless to say, these trees are coming down. Also, this twisted branch thing in the front of the picture is some kind of bush that grows flowers that hummingbirds love. That’s all fine and dandy, but when this bush is at it’s prime it’s huge and covers the entire corner of the deck. That will be removed as well. I don’t need my allergies flaring up, and also it’s not good for the deck to be covered by a moist plant like that.

One thing that I do like about the back yard is I’ll have room for a vegetable garden. You can kind of see my grandma’s gardens in the background. My uncle made them for her out of landscaping timbers (which are beginning to rot). My dad and I are going to build bigger ones this spring.



There’s a lot more crap back there, but I don’t want to bore you with it. All I can say is that most of it is being torn out. That doesn’t sound very nice, but it’s what I will need to do to keep my allergies somewhat in check.

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