The Warthog Project 2-12-12

The A-10 is really progressing nicely! It’s amazing how far you’ve actually come when you can start applying the paint. After all, it was only about four months ago when it looked like this:

Then it was covered with wood and glassed…

Would you like to see it in all of its gray glory? Drum roll, please….

You’re probably wondering what the white spots are. Well, they got glued on after the first coat of paint was sprayed. What are they? They are the warts, of course! How else do you think that the ‘wart’hog got its name??

In this case I think that the warts are overlooked because when the entire thing is assembled the A-10 has the goiters on its hips that it claims are the engines… yeah, whatever. What it needs is a good dermatologist with a sharp knife. 😉

That’s about all of the progress that was made this weekend. There was one other acquisition that made an appearance this past week…

I’m told that this is a Piper Cub. I’m still trying to figure out where the flute is to be played on this thing. And will it call rats? Is it a Pied Piper? I have all of these questions and no answers. *sigh*


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