Warthog Project 2-5-12

Does it seem like forever since I last posted an update to the Warthog project? Yeah, I thought so as well. There have been a lot of things done to the jet that aren’t really stand-out noticeable unless you’re living with it and know what has and has not been done. Remember I told you that the wiring had been done?

You can see the wiring that will be heading into the tail to control things back there. (At least, I think that’s what those wires will be used for… maybe they are actually the wires that will turn on the lights that spell out ‘Hi Mom!’ along the side).

Here is where the wiring is all gathered for the wings:

Never thought you would see the innards of a Hog in my blog, did you? Now I have a craving for sausage…

The painting process has begun! It feels like we’re on the home stretch, now. It’s going to be sad to see this project completed. 😦

Here are the Warthog gray parts:

The Tail…

The wings with the slippers…

The nose and some of the flap things…

The side parts where the fans go, the wings, and some more flaps.

That’s all I have to show you for updates on the warthog. I can’t wait to see it completely assembled and looking gorgeous. Wait, it’s a boy’s plane so it’s probably not allowed to look gorgeous. Hmmm…. how about I can’t wait to see it looking freakin’ awesome? 🙂

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