Warming Up the House

It gets cold in the winter. Really cold. I spend all day in a gray cubicle environment and then trudge out into the snow to climb into my car for the ride home. When I finally arrive at my domicile I want to walk in and feel enveloped by warmth, even if I can’t afford to heat the house to 76 degrees as I would love to do. The only thing to do is to cover up some of the hardwood floor and make it feel cozier. Let’s see if I’ve accomplished that.

Here we have my living room shortly after moving in:

Nice, right? A little plain, but what else do you expect for the first week in a new place? This is what it looks like after I’ve added some slip covers and an area rug:

What do you think? Does it look cozier? More inviting? Can you hear the love seat saying, “Come! Curl up on my burgundy softness, cover yourself with the Gettysburg afghan, and enjoy the latest Kindle book that you’re reading.” Can you hear it? Let’s ask Bob what he hears….

“I hear a can of food opening in the background… yes! It says that you need to feed me so that I don’t look like a little Ethiopian kitty… feed the kitty…”  Okay. Maybe Bob wasn’t the one to ask. Let’s ask Chester what she thinks of the new improvements.

“From this viewpoint everything looks great! Very comfy. But why is the couch upside down??” Silly Chester!

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1 Response to Warming Up the House

  1. Jamie says:

    Nice pick for the slip covers! Definitely looks cozier and worth curling up!Chester isn't silly – everyone knows rugs and carpets are incomplete with pet fur ground in! Arthas does the same thing and is certain he's helping. Good job Chester! 🙂

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