Birds! They drive me crazy, but the cats love them. Especially Chester. In the picture you can see my two finch feeders and one of my seed block feeders (with a woodpecker on it). What you can’t see in the picture are the following: the second seed block feeder, the suet feeder, the regular bird seed feeder, the two hummingbird feeders and the one oriole feeder. Oh! And don’t forget the other regular bird seed feeder out in the middle of the yard for the cow birds and mourning doves.

Yes, I do go through a lot of seed and nectar, but as I said before the cats love watching them. In fact, when the feeders are empty and the birds aren’t coming around I get an earful from Miss Chester! She loves watching the mourning doves the most, but also enjoys watching the hummingbirds as they zoom around, chittering, and chasing each other away from the nectar feeders. They are drinking me out of house and home, too! I must have filled their feeders twice this week.

Tonight my mom looked out the window and told me to come look. She wasn’t sure if the bird on the ground was a female cardinal. I looked and it was. Then I noticed the second female cardinal beside her, and another one on the seed block feeder. I only saw one male cardinal with them. I have always thought that cardinals traveled in pairs, so it was strange for me to see so many females and only one male. I told my mom that they must be Mormons. 😉 Then as I was walking away I said, “Although, you would think that cardinals would be Catholic.” LOL 🙂

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  1. Jamie says:

    LOL… None of the comments that come to mind are publicly acceptable but are terribly funny. Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

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