Household Happenings

Yesterday I had a visit from my best friend. We don’t get to see a lot of each other because she lives in Cincinnati and has a job that keeps her busy with travel. She brought my birthday gifts and I had to share one of them. They are the prettiest napkin rings!

She bought them for my house (when I get it!) and figured that if she got them with a bit of blue that they would go well with my decor. Okay, so blue happens to be my favorite color and will more than likely figure into a large part of my decorating scheme. lol

I was very domestic today, as well. Bob didn’t appreciate it because it meant that I wasn’t sitting down and therefore he couldn’t be my laptop. You see, he’s very neglected. lol. At least, that’s what he tells everybody. As I type up this blog post he is sitting here beside me on the recliner and I have to periodically pet him so that I don’t get a nasty glare. lol

Anyway, not only did I vacuum, do laundry, clean the vacuum filters, cleaned out bottles for recycling, picked up the house, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and prepped chicken for the grill tonight, but I also managed to get my trellis strung. Every year I hang new twine as a trellis for my vegetables. The tomatoes, peas and cucumbers are getting to the point where they are trying to climb.

Here’s a picture of my garden right after I planted it Memorial Day weekend:

Here it is as of today:

The new twine that I had to buy yesterday was green, so it shows up really well in this picture. You can see how big and bushy my tomatoes are getting. My cucumbers are at the far right. I’m hoping to get quite a few pickling cucumbers, but only half of my seeds actually came up. I have no idea what’s wrong with my garden. Maybe it was the seeds, but it just seems strange. Last year I had to replant my peas. This year none of my green beans made it and only half of my pickling cucumbers. I replenished the soil last year with compost and this year with manure. Plus I sprinkle Miracle Grow on it every once in a while. Hopefully it will be a good harvest. *fingers crossed*

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  1. Jamie says:

    I have never been talented enough to use napkin rings myself (too many years in food service learning 18 ways to fold them), but they made me think of this blue dining room makeover I just saw: (Except that your picture would have cats on the chairs instead of a dog under the table.) :0)

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