The Antiques Tobacco Barn

When I was in Asheville, NC I had gone to this antiques store that was in an old tobacco barn. I promised that I would post pictures for you to see. I thought that it was rather neat.

This was a picture to kind of show off the vastness of this place. I could almost see the tobacco leaves hanging from the rafters. At least, I think that’s what they did with them. lol. As you can tell I’ve never done any tobacco farming.

There were rows and rows of furniture. A lot of it looked the same, but yet different. It was all much pricier than what I wanted to pay, though. lol

You kept walking and walking… where this picture was taken was about in the middle of the barn. I think that they said that there was something like 78,000 square feet of antiques. All that I know is it was HUGE. I hope to be able to go back there again sometime. We only had about an hour when we arrived so we had to walk fairly quickly through it.

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