Cat Tales

I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to share my kitties with you. I told you that my blog was going to be all over and you never knew what I would be posting about next. I love my cats and couldn’t imagine my life without them.

First we have Bissell (the oldest):

Bissell is a seal point siamese mix. His dad was siamese and his mom was a gray tiger. Bissell was supposed to be my cat, but he chose my mom instead. Siamese and Himalayans will choose a person to attach themselves and that’s it. When I move Bissell will be staying here with my mom. Bissell is very friendly and loves to be petted. He especially likes to have his back patted. He sits on the arm of the chair and you have to pat his butt. If you stop he will look at you and meow because he obviously did not tell you to stop. Also, when you take your vitamins he will be right there at his feet waiting for his treat. lol

Next we have Chester:

Chester is my talker. If you give her a chance she will talk your ear off. And yes, Chester is a SHE. She was originally supposed to be my sister’s. My sister had a coworker who said that she had some male orange tiger cats if my sister was interested. Chester ended up coming home with her one day. Silly us didn’t bother to check to make sure that Chester was a boy until we took ‘him’ to the vet to be neutered. That’s when we were informed that Chester would have to be spayed. lol. How dumb did we feel! By that time it was too late to change her name. It fits her, though. The only problem is that the boys pick on her terribly. Chester didn’t move to North Carolina with my sister because she doesn’t travel well. It will be an interesting ride with her when I move her to our new place! Thank goodness it will only be a 30 minute drive. Chester’s favorite activity is to watch the birds at the feeders. If I haven’t filled the feeders and the birds aren’t there, as soon as I walk in the door at night I have to hear about it!

Next up is Bob:

Bob is my baby. His mother brought him up onto our front porch with his brothers and sister. It was just like Christmas! He really is something else. He LOVES to run! He’s so skinny and at his last check up the vet told me that I need to have him eat more. It’s the first time I’ve ever been told to put weight on my cat. It’s just because he’s so active and loves to run. He is also addicted to electricity. When he was 9 months old he chewed on the cord to my mom’s iron and electrocuted himself. Thankfully, he survived that. The next Christmas, though, I had to fix the lights on the tree because he had chewed through them. *sigh* Robert! That’s what he’s called when he’s being bad. lol The vet laughs every time I bring Bob in because apparently they’ve never met a cat named Bob. And yes, Bob will be moving with me.

Our latest edition is Elmer:

Elmer cracks me up. He was born in our barn about a year ago. My dad saw him and hoped that he would disappear before I could spot the cute little kitten. Unfortunately, my mom’s dog discovered Elmer and that alerted me to his presence. I called him Elmer because I felt that was a good name for a cat born in a barn. If it had been in the manger then I would have named him Jesus. 😉 Anyway, much to my dad’s chagrin, Elmer made his way into the house. He is Annabelle’s best friend (that’s my mom’s Yorkie). He was in the house for less than 24 hours and had already made himself quite at home. lol. He wants attention and affection, but doesn’t like to be held. He also learned that if you sit patiently when Kerry gets her vitamins then he will get a treat. He’s so silly.

I can’t forget Joey! He’s my sister’s Himalayan that we rescued. He was being mistreated and abused so we took him in. He has definitely adapted to being spoiled. He’s just so adorable, though, that I couldn’t forget him!

And one more of Joey:

Don’t you just want to kiss him on his little scrunchy face?? lol

And just because I mentioned her, this is my mom’s dog Annabelle (or as my dad and I call her, Buford):

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2 Responses to Cat Tales

  1. Jamie says:

    Oh, Chester! I love when cats talk. :0)And poor Buford… her goofy grin just can't compare with scowl-ly kitty faces that are clearly waiting for extra treats as compensation for sitting still long enough to get their pictures taken!

  2. ChicoryBarb says:

    I love your cat pictures and comments. They make me wish I had a cat again. Okay, I do feed a feral cat but he can't really count. He doesn't let me near him except when I'm doling out the cat chow. And he doesn't even have a name.

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