Framed Stitching

One of the first things that I wanted to post were pictures of some finished cross stitched pieces. Please excuse the fact that they are kind of crooked in the pictures. It’s hard trying to take a picture without getting glare reflecting off of the glass. 🙂

One of the pieces is mine. The other two are finished pieces that I found in a bunch of cross stitch stuff that a friend had given to me. Her niece had passed away from cancer and left behind a lot of crafting supplies. My friend doesn’t craft so she was giving me what she knew that I would use. When I came across the finished, though unframed, pieces I knew that I had to frame them for her. She probably doesn’t even know that they exist so I can’t wait to surprise her with them.

The first one is a bouquet of Pansies:

The second piece that I found was a trio of butterflies:

And finally, the last piece that I have to show off is one that I stitched. This is based on a Norman Rockwell painting entitled “Bottom of the Sixth”. I have this framed and will hang it in my house when I move in:

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  1. Jamie says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Welcome to blogland! :0)

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