Double Standards

I am living in the dating world right now and it’s driving me crazy. I’m not made for dating. I want to be settled in a relationship and know that tomorrow he’s going to be there for me. I don’t like having to try to impress a bunch of new guys or keep from playing their games. Also, in the process, I’ve been trying to find somebody who I think is right for me. This is WAY harder than I ever expected it to be.

What kills me, though, is that when you’re looking for a potential partner are all of the things that you go through in your mind. Does he have a job? What kind of job? Does he earn good money? Is he smart enough? Will my parents be impressed? Will my sister hate him? All of this is a double standard. How many guys do you know who really cares about what a woman does for a living? He doesn’t care if she’s his cashier at the grocery store or if she’s the mail lady. That doesn’t figure into his decision to date her. A guy doesn’t care how smart a woman is if he’s interested in her. She could be a dumb blonde or a nuclear physicist. It doesn’t matter. If a guy doesn’t care, then why should a woman?

Also, a guy is allowed to date one woman one week and then go out on a date with another woman the next week. When I try to do that I’m called a ‘player’. If a guy goes out and sleeps with a bunch of women, then that’s okay. If a woman goes out and sleeps with a bunch of men then she’s a tramp who won’t find a decent husband because no guy wants to know that his wife was with other guys.

I’m sure there are tons of other examples, but I am too tired to think of them now. They really irritate me, though. lol

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