No Marshmallows :(

Okay, so I’m looking through Craig’s List like always. I look at the furniture, general stuff, jewelry, household, and the free stuff. Tonight while looking through the Free Stuff I came across an ad that made me say, “EWWWW gross!!” and also laugh out loud. You definitely need to read it for yourself:

LMAO!! The only question I have is: What happened to the marshmallows??!!

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2 Responses to No Marshmallows :(

  1. Jamie says:

    Hey – they took it down! I didn't get to see it! :0(

  2. Kerry says:

    Okay, I'll try to recreate it for you…lolThis guy had 18 boxes of lucky charms cereal that he had already picked out the marshmallows, so all that was left was the regular cereal. He claimed that he had worn gloves when sorting them so the cereal was still edible and sanitary. lol. He then went on to comment that he had to get rid of him because his room mate was very mad at him for having them hanging around, but he didn't want to just throw them out. lolWhat in the world could he possibly have done with all of those marshmallows?? Eaten them?? Wouldn't it just be cheaper to buy a bag of regular marshmallows? lol

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