Poor Bobs!

This is Bob. He’s an indoor cat who LOVES to run. In fact, the vet commented on his muscle when I took him in for his checkup this year. He is probably the healthiest out of the four cats. This morning, though, we had a bit of a scare.

I was eating breakfast and watching the news when my dad called to me that Bob was outside. I freaked out! I may live out in the middle of nowhere, but people FLY up my road. We’ve had two cats hit on the road and since then have made sure that our cats were indoor cats. When an indoor cat gets outside they are very scared because it’s so unfamiliar to them. I couldn’t figure out, though, how Bob had managed to escape. After all, he wasn’t usually like that. As I ran to where my dad was standing he mentioned that he had accidentally left the bathroom window’s screen open. I freaked out even more! As I neared the window I could hear this strange noise. I looked out and poor Bob was trying to jump back IN the window! You have to feel for this little cat because the bottom of the window sill is probably a good 7′ off of the ground.

At this point my dad walked out onto the deck, which is on that side of the house, and Bob took off around the front of the house. I ran through the house to the front door. I didn’t see him anywhere. As I was running around outside in my bare feet I remembered that I hadn’t shut the screen to the window, so I ran over there and did that from the outside. I was looking everywhere, but I couldn’t find Bob! I knew that there was NO WAY I was going to work unless I had him back in the house safe and sound. As I was looking in the woodshed I heard my dad’s garage door start to open. How could he just head off to work when Bob was still lost??!! I met my dad at the back door and told him that I couldn’t find Bob. “He’s in the house,” was the answer. What?? When? How?

It seems that when I ran out the front door Bob had turned back and tried, once again, to jump back IN the window. My dad had come off of the deck and was able to grab him and put him back into the house. I ran past my dad and saw Bob laying in front of the patio doors like nothing had happened. I picked him up and hugged him close, telling him how scared I had been and what a good boy he was for trying to get back into the house. According to my dad, Bob had been laying on the window sill like normal (watching the birds) when my dad came in and blew his nose. The noise scared Bob and he fell out of the window due to the screen not being down. Poor Bob! What a fright he must have had!

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1 Response to Poor Bobs!

  1. Jamie says:

    Lol! Poor Bob! Glad he got back in safely. How like a cat to curl up and pretend nothing ever happened afterwards. :0)

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